The Plenum of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb has issued a statement to the public and to the media we make in its entirety:

Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, prof. dr. sc. Vlatko Previšić has neglected the distrust of students who articulate clearly on 205. Plenum of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. He decided to continue statutory but also ethically unacceptable practices in his actions and reliance on his obligations and colleagues as demonstrated at the Faculty Council of 25. April 2016. when he rejected the proposal of an illegitimate agenda, and more importantly, rejected his proposal for the dismissal of the deputy for science and international cooperation prof. dr. sc. Branke Galić. This is implicit with the students, and only the Faculty Council, showing the distrust of the Dean in terms of performing dean duties, among which are the appointment of the Faculty Council and the proposed agenda.

The Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy may be relieved of duties, inter alia, if he or she does not fulfill his or her prescribed function or loses the ability to perform duties if he violates the provisions of the University Statute, the Statute of the Faculty or other appropriate regulations which are certainly included in the Code of Ethics of the University of Zagreb. The moment the Faculty Council no longer trusts the dean, the Dean loses legitimacy to perform his or her duties; the moment he breaks the Code of Ethics, he hurt the reputation of the function he or she carries out, but generally also the reputation of the institution and the reputation of other members of the academic community.
The unambiguous principles of morally justified behavior, equality, fairness and professionalism are unfortunately not part of the operative mode of the present Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy. All members of the academic community are expected to fulfill all obligations to students, colleagues and all other employees at the University in a responsible, conscientious, professionally and ethically flawless manner and follow the principles of objectivity, impartiality, prudence, correctness, dialogue and tolerance. Any type of inappropriate behavior that hinders the performance of work tasks or reduces the quality of work of the institution, and in particular any act, whether singular or repeated, verbal, nonverbal or physical, which creates or contributes to the creation of unpleasant and hostile working and educational circumstances or which other person is intimidated, insulted or humiliates, is forbidden in the university community. It is inconceivable that perfidious and malicious appearances in the media toward the deceased prof. dr. sc. Branki Galić, but also to the students and their activities, humiliating, insulting and creating unpleasant and hostile conditions.

Dean prof. dr. sc. Vlatko Previšić on a daily basis violates the ethical code of conduct prescribed by the rules of conduct and duties of all members of the academic community, which he himself is a part of.

Dean as the primary function of an academic institution should represent the Faculty in the most possible way and thus be a moral vertical in the true sense of the word. Instead, we have only the delegitimization of students and employees of the Faculty of Philosophy at all levels, violating their dignity and obstructing the normal functioning of the Faculty. Such behavior in all respects is unacceptable and entails consequences.

The plenum resolutely refutes the idea that the head of the Faculty remains a person who is not guided by the stated fundamental ethical, moral and legal principles. Based on pre-emphatic mistrust, violation of the Code of Ethics and the Statute and other legal acts prescribed by the Dean's terms of office, the Plenum seeks resolutely the dismissal of prof. dr. sc. Vlatka Previšić with the dean's office!


28. April, 2016.