Despite the modest budget with which he has been able to realize several prime awards for years and have a permanent repertoire program, Theater & TD, a small theater hidden in the courtyard of the Student Center in Savska 25, crowned this year's Marulić Days with two awards. The Post Punk Cabaret, a performance by the actor and director Zlatko Burić Kić, one of the founders of the Kugla Starring Fellow, who hit the foundations of many contemporary theater, multimedia and interdisciplinary art groups in the territory of Croatia as well as the former state, won Marula for the best play in general. The award for acting was awarded to actress Miji Biondić for the role in the play of the same name. The star of the Ancient Pusher and the American blockbuster 2012, Zlatko Burić, brought together the entire performance of the performer: from the co-founder of Kugle's acting, Damir Bartol Indoša, through Danish multimedia artist Henning Frimanna to young but experienced dramaturgys, musicians, actors, directors and dancers: Mira Manojlović, Vedrane Klepice, Dine Puhovski, Mark Jastrevski, Sven Jakir, Dean Krivačić, Mije Biondić and Vedrana Hleba.

Also, on the last year's Marul Days, & TD's great performer, the performance by director Miguel Kurpahić, was awarded the 3 awards.

The reason for the award of the jury for the Marul Award for the Kabaret Dark Stars (Viktoria Franić Tomic, theatrologist, Belmondo Miliša, actor and translator, Mislav Brumec, drama writer, Davor Mojaš, journalist and director, and Katja Pegan, director)

"This multidisciplinary project is a true example of a theater that combines crazy unpredictability and disciplined discernment. The author's handwriting of the cult ball of glory has been successfully adapted to today's time, not letting the former circus remember despite the disonant tones of this contemporary reality. The entire ensemble of the ensemble is unique in the understanding and consistent implementation of various scene tasks in the game of destruction that does not frighten it already raises. "