The new SDP presidency member and their parliamentary deputy Peđa Grbin attended the show Vita Sanjin Španović on Jabuci TV last night and commenting on the first 100 days the government said his party has so far been a strong opposition that has done more than three months in HDZ in its four controversial years.

- In these three months, we have launched more initiatives than HDZ took in four years. I think we were good, but we can do much more now when we stop working on our in-party elections - said Grbin in Vetu, and when asked if they were doing too much for themselves in these 100 days, he replied that they were not, but that was something inevitable .

"To all that the Government has done, we have responded to some of our activities. Now we're going to get it to another higher level. The hell that promised them Zoran Milanovic has gone and that hell will continue, the citizens are to assess whether this is what they expected of us - said Grbin.
Grbin, who himself is the author of several legal proposals sent by the SDP to the proceedings, refutes the thesis that these laws are a means of testing the Bridge in order to see if the SDP and the Bridge can cooperate.
- These laws have many reasons why they point to the procedure. The first is to show that this government is inactive. We address the Croatian citizens and show what the SDP would continue to be in power. I think Bridge at this point, I will not say inexcusable, but there are less relevant. From the very moment they have been elected, their number of deputies decreases at a rate of one representative per month, and only this partition becomes less and less important, "Grbin said.
The relocation of most SDP and Bridge Grbin is considered to be difficult.
- If that situation comes up we will have to go talk. However, our coalition with the Bridge would hardly bring anything good to Croatia. If there is a government crackdown, I think it is only right for everyone to go to the polls. When I look at all this, I think that somehow I fall in love with the heart that we are not in this situation where HDZ is. On the one hand, I'm sorry that we have remained in the power of this pressures on media and historical revisionism would not be. But the fight with the Bridge would be. Because, it seems to me that the Bridge is not aware of the responsibility of managing the state. One of them said today that they did not expect that so many compromises would have to be made for decision-making. What did he expect? Honey and milk? Says Grbin.
When asked if possible premature choices Grbin says it is only a question to which no answer is given.
- On one hand, all that we see in Parliament shows us a chaotic situation that does not guarantee that Croatia can go ahead. Constant quarrels and trials show that we will go to early elections. But every time we did so that these premature elections were near, Božo Petrov came up to calm the situation. Why? Because she was silent in the chair and because she was out of her. This shows me how the coalition partners are ready for everything, even if it means an absolute omission to keep their armchair. We as SDP are ready to make the elections tomorrow be announced, but also to be regular for three and a half years - says Grbin.
He claims it is hard to imagine HNS supporting HDZ and replacing Bridge.
"I can not imagine my colleagues from HNS, say my colleague Djurkovic with whom I worked on the Sports Act, to support a party in which the destruction of sport became a modus operandi, I can not imagine to raise their hand for them. Or Mrak Taritaš, Beus Richenberga - said Grbin, who commented on Janice Kostelic's appointment as assistant to the Minister of Education for Sport.
- Anyone who accepts such duties I support him. I want her to succeed, but it's hard to imagine her running a new working group to change the law in the sport. Her predecessors have not been able to put an end to the sport, and even though they have fought, she will hardly be, "Grbin said.
Grbin at the end of the show, questioning what the SDP will have with the local elections for a year since the situation is wrong, prompted immediately the opinion of the head of Španovic that Zagreb can not win.
- Why do you think you can not get Zagreb? - said Grbin, who did not want to accept the proposed bet by the manager that Bernardic could not beat Bandic,
"I do not usually bet, but I think that Bernardy, with a little effort and a little bit of strength and agreement with his coalition partners, still has a chance. If nothing else, the SDP and the HNS must agree the mutual support of that candidate who will enter the second round - said Grbin, who did not want to bet on his Bernardin colleague or bid for the stake to go for humanitarian purposes.
"I do not bet because I have a lot of low lost bets so I decided it made no sense anymore," Grbin said.
And while Bernardi is defending, Split mayor Ivo Baldasar who has resigned for this position as a member of the SDP presidency, Grbn does not consider a credible candidate for that party.
- I have a lot of objections to the treatment of my colleague Baldasar, with some of his moves I can not agree, but the decision will be made by the city council. Personally, I think Baldasar's colleague is grossly skeptical about his SDP and I personally do not see him as a person who can represent SDP values ​​in any election, "Grb said at the end of Veto's show.