Gretta's Zagreb Rock Quartet presents a video of the current singles "I Love You From Tomorrow". The strangely intriguing and creepy spot directed by Luke Hrgović and Dino Julius of the Skalpel Collectivist and Julius Film shows a "fun funeral" in which members of Greta participate as priest, photographer and mistress of the deceased. Singl "I Love You From Tomorrow" was recorded in Zagreb UFO studio, musical production was signed by Srđan Sekulović Skansi, and mastering was performed by Stuart Martin.

Behind Grette was a very successful year - they won the "Karlovac RockOff Festival", with the song "Malena" won the Porin Award for Discography and performed at numerous concerts throughout Croatia, with performances in the small and large hall of Zagreb's Doma Sportova. In addition, singles "Luck," "Shine," and "Far Away" entered the HR TOP 40, the official national ladder of the most singled singles, while "Malena" spent a maximum of one year on it. The spot on the "and" of the great year has come with the release of the album "Colors and Fragrances", which was phenomenally accepted by audiences, critics and radio editors and by its exceptionally original promotion at the first regional "Silent Concert" at the Greta Gallery in Zagreb.