- HNS does not lose time, we immediately went to our county organizations after the party's party because we had always been obliged to bring the result, and the HNS counties received awards for competitiveness and transparency, recorded the lowest rate of unemployment, and our mayors and chiefs deliver good results. New party leadership visits county organizations to see which challenges are in some areas, as well as sharing experiences from people on the ground - said HNS president and parliamentary representative Ivan Vrdoljak at a press conference in Zagreb where HNS will have the best candidate for the future mayor .

He also referred to the first hundred days of this government and a package of reforms recently introduced to the Croatian public.

- The reforms offered by the government prove their populism and inconsistency in Croatian politics, for example, it announces the introduction of real estate taxes, and Bridge and HDZ fought these ideas with their hands and feet while they were in opposition. HNS then was part of the ruling coalition and claimed it was not a time for real estate taxes during the economic crisis. Today's rulers have changed their minds very quickly and can rightfully call them hypocrisy, which is why Croatian citizens can not trust them - Ivan Vrdoljak added.

- If ruling today is not able to take responsibility for their decisions, let them give up power. Reforms no longer speak, only about measures, and day after day shows that they are not worthy of the power. We will also be programmatically and substantively prepared for the victory in the upcoming local and parliamentary elections - concluded the president of HNS.

- The current government is complex in a very unusual way, dealing with itself and possible changes all the time. HNS has been a very good coalition partner in the former government, we have an idea, we know how to work and we will behave in the future as well - said the Vice President of HNS, the president of the Croatian HNS and the deputy representative of Anka Mrak Taritaš.

"People are not potatoes, and they can not be treated like that, and I'm afraid that this government is doing a number of things, including the Law on Rent of Residences, where people are on the road from their homes. It is better to deal wisely, not with ax, "concluded Mrak Taritaš.

The tour of the HNS counties went off last week, and by the end of June, the new president of the HNS, with its narrow leadership and co-workers, will visit all HNS organizations and hold meetings with presidents of affiliates and members of HNS. Representatives of the party are also participating in the meetings, and the topic of the talks is preparations for local elections 2017. years.