From Saturday 7. May animal lovers will again be able to watch the Radio Pets by Antun Ponoš on Croatian Radio Television. The show is returning to its longtime Saturday morning at the Croatian Television Program (HRT - HTV 1), the HRT said.

"I'm glad the show goes back to the program because it's a project that runs almost 26 years. I appreciate the fact that the new editorial structure on Croatia's radio-television recognizes my work, and I thank the numerous spectators who supported the show and sought its return to Croatian Television. We will continue to help the pet and their owners together, "said author and conductor of the show Antun Ponoš.

Through the show Pets more than 40 thousands of guests have passed and around 100 thousands of pets have been handed out. Along with the show, many generations of viewers have grown up, and so far more than 1300 has been broadcast. The author of Antun Ponoš said that he would continue to represent interesting pets, assist them with veterinary and expert advice, monitor the work and activities of kinological and feline associations, animal protection associations and abandoned animals. The show will also include numerous educational and entertainment events and exhibitions.