The premiere of the film 'Mother's Day' was held last night at the Gold Class Cinema CineStar Arena Zagreb. In the latest Hollywood movie hit, which comes in Blitza distribution to all CineStar Cinema 05. May, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudeikis and Britt Robertson appear in related stories about women with a single mother. Mothers who are just to be born, single mothers, hippos, homosexual mothers, abandoned and lost mothers - this emotional movie commemorates all mothers. With this film, which celebrates the love of all the love, many renowned Croatians, along with their mothers, are excited: Iva Balent, Vesna Todorić, Lana and Ljerka Puljić, Branka Krstulović, Iva Šarić Leko, Iva Balaban, Marija Bišćan, Iris Androšević Pinjuh, Tea Blažević and many others who received Vichy gifts.

The first star to take the lead in the Marshall movie, her fourth time, was Julia Roberts. Cast Miranda, the queen of the ubiquitous home-selling channel. Perfect hairstyles and clothing, Miranda has a secret that will be revealed until the end of the movie. Jennifer Aniston took over the role of Sandy, a divorced mother of two children, who divorced when her ex-husband suddenly married again. Jesse was chosen for Kate Hudson, who married Indians and gave birth to a child. She told her some things about her parents who were not true and she did not say anything to their parents - but she will soon find out the truth.

Like many praised Marshall films and television series, "Mother's Day" is full of unexpected turns, accompanied by his characteristic optimistic humor. There is no better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to bring your friends, girls, women, mothers or loved ones to the nearest CineStar cinema and enjoy this emotional movie story. 'Mother's Day' is the third comedy from the series 'Valentine's Day' and 'New Year's Eve', which brings you laughter, tears and movie mega stars.