The guest of Veto's Sanja Sanjin Španović was re-elected to the president of Croatian Pensioners Party Silvano Hrelja, who was re-elected in the morning by two anti-candidates in the first round with the 348 votes of 453 delegates present.
He asked what his re-election meant to the party, and that for Croatian politics Hrelja replied that this meant a continuity in the political activity of the HSU and the political scene itself, but did not want to confirm the guessing that his anti-candidates advocated the departure of HSU to the HDZ, while his party re-election remains tied to the SDP.

- We have signed a coalition agreement, we hold that we have signed and in case we do not get the elections, we will not be in a coalition with the HDZ. This means something to us. Of course we remain close to the SDP, we do not neglect what we signed. We have remained close and working together - said Hrelja, who confirmed that without the SDP, HSU would have difficulty entering the Parliament independently.

- Independent election run would be a high risk exposure. If we share the same worldview, then it is logical that we can go to the coalition, "said Hrelja.

He confirmed in the show that in 20, on Friday, they raised 105 800 citizens' signatures against the increase in supplementary insurance prices and considered it a great success and announcement to collect a sign for a referendum if the government continued to insist on that idea.

- This is an extremely large number because it lasted for 20 days and what people did between the 60 and 80 years that collected the signatures. They were in the rain and in bad weather. For such conditions it is a very good result - said Hrelja, who did not agree with the statement that such a number of signatures still does not give optimism so that a sufficient number of signatures could be gathered for a referendum on that topic.

- Not enough signatures, but the ease of collecting and atmosphere is very significant and we can conclude that signatures for the referendum could be very successful. It would dare to go that way, "said Hrelja, who announced a small step back to the Minister of Health Daria Nakić's statement on the postponement of the application of the supplementary price hike.

- That's not good. While he does not give up, private insurers are bribing a public insurer whose hands are tied. If he does not withdraw this proposal, we will go to a referendum - said Hrelja, who announced that he would write a letter to Prime Minister Orešković and Božo Petrov on Monday and ask them to receive them to collect the collected signatures.

- If you do not receive us, then we will ask from 7 to 10 on some other way to sign these signatures - said Hrelja, who also announced a referendum on raising the retirement age from 67 years of 2028. years.

"This referendum is a wonderful question we can fight against. If he does not come to his head, then the people must take over the thing in their hands. It is not easy to announce a referendum today in Croatia, but these are not the maximum signatures we have, "said Hrelja, adding:

- Statement by Minister Šikić that it will deal with our children is a sloppy statement. We can bring stupid laws that will spell our children, but it is irresponsible. The European Commission asks us to make the order in the retirement pensions. This is now avoided to make and offer something else, this idea is the substance of that requirement. Raising the retirement age at 67 is a year of excitement that the government would not resort to preferential pensions - said Hrelja.