Forty Anniversary of the Establishment was celebrated by the Tourist Board of the City of Vrbovec. Founded in May, 1976. with the initiative of Mate Biškupca, as the Tourism Association of Vrbovec. Today it is one of the oldest tourist communities in the continental part of Croatia.

"The reasons for which the Tourist Association was founded were the" maturing "of the conditions for dealing with rural tourism, the frequent arrival of hunters, the desire to build a motel, organized school children's arrivals within the school program" Meet the countryside yard ", sports meetings of the meat industry of the then state" , said Ana Bakar, the current director of TZ Vrbovec, which has given a cross section of the events for the past four decades.

"1981. the Alliance is launching our most important tourist product "What Our Elders Are Eating". Women of our villages have preserved the heritage and tradition of the Vrbovac region, and as the PIK Vrbovec meat industry at the time was a great supporter of the Tourist Association, it was logical to create a "meal" manifestation. She then took a huge sting, so Vrbovec was described in the media as the first municipality to revive the traditional cuisine, "said Ana Bakar.
Mayor of Vrbovec Vladimir Bregović said that Vrbovec, the Tourism Development Strategy of the Zagreb County, was included in the so-called. countryside of the county. The city accepts this, but Bregović, Vrbovec continued, for the realization of the foreseen reason, besides the other, there is a lack of wine roads and cyclotouristic routes.

"How to realize it in the future? Through the European Union funds. We will try to use the European funds and cooperation with the County Tourist Board to reach the goal of Vrbovec being the destination of the country that will receive guests every day, "said Bregović.

Deputy County Attorney Damir Tomljenović attended the ceremony on behalf of the County. "Vrbovec, as well as the counties, have great tourism potential in which they still have to work," Tomljenovic said, adding that the event "What Our Elder Have Eat", after several years of affliction, returns to the paths of old glory.