The Israeli TV crew wanted to film a documentary about Ustasha concentration camps set up at the beginning of the Second World War in the bay of Slana and Metajna on Pag, but they did not succeed because the Metajna villagers called on the police for the unauthorized shooting of the school and the Israeli TV crew left Pag accompanied by police, on HRT's Sunday in its central diary.

As the HRT reported, Israeli TV crew recording will continue at Petrova Gora.

At the beginning of World War II concentration camps were established in the bay of Slana on Pag where, as the HRT states, "in summer 1941. under the clear sky lived more than eight thousand souls in the area of ​​Slana and Metajna Bay, under inhumane conditions. Their crime was that they were Jews, Roma or Serbs. They were deported from Zagreb or from the Gospić area ". Most of the detainees were women, and after three months the camp was closed.

Dani Novak, the 70-year-old Jew from the United States, arrived at the Israeli team in Pag who told HRT he came to investigate the place where his grandmother and aunt were. "I know they were detained in a house in Methail," he said.

Representative of the Jewish National Minority of Zagreb Sanja Zoric Tabakovic said that the police first abducted the passports to the Israeli TV team, but afterwards she was very correct.

The Police Administration of Lika-Senj said that on Saturday, in 17,50 hours, police officers of the Police Station Novalja received the message from the citizens that Metajni had several persons to record the school. The police claim that TV teams have not taken away passports.

Metajna residents called on the police for the unauthorized recording of the school, and some of them told HRT that they did not know anything about the fact that they were insulted because teams of recording houses where allegedly were detainees were coming, which one of the villagers denied.