Voting by Sanjin Španović on Jabuka TV Veteran Defense Minister Tomo Medved announced that by the end of the year Croatia will get a unique law on the rights of veterans who plans to release the public at the beginning of the third quarter of this year.
- This is the fundamental act that will, after 20 years, recognize the population of war veterans and victims of the Homeland War completely. All laws passed before were lawful and thus it is apparent that 400 000 was not regulated by that law. The existing law does not recognize the largest population, their status and material rights. The basis for making a quality decision is a fundamental analysis of the situation. I formed the 11 group that started or will start working on Monday and our plan is to conduct a public hearing in the third quarter of this year and make a unique law on veterans' rights in the procedure - said Defense Minister Tomo Medved.
Although he announced in the campaign HDZ announced that the law on the defenders will be constitutional, Medved says that he will fight it, but that he is currently the most important content of that law.
- Let's leave this project team through 200 people, and for the first time with the profession directly involved in the project and the users, there are a number of recognizable names and experts - Medved said.
The Defense Minister confirmed that Djuro Glogoški and Josip Klemm, one of the leaders of the protest at Savska 66, are also involved in the drafting of the law.
- Djuro Glogoš is the head of the project team drafting a draft text of a unique law on war veterans and warlords, and Josip Klemm, head of the project group of organizations from the Homeland War, and financing the Homeland War Association - said Minister Medved.
Asked by whom he replied to the Cabinet, Prime Minister or Prime Minister of the Government as Minister Medved did not want to give a clear answer.
- The government is clear, there is no need to comment on the government itself. I, as Minister of Croatian Defenders, answer the Government of the Republic of Croatia and I am a member of the Government of the Republic of Croatia - said Medved.
To the question whose last, since Prime Minister Or First Vice Prime Minister Medved said he did not understand the question.
- I emphasize that I am the first Minister of Croatian Defenders, afterwards a member of the Government - Medved repeated.
Asked if a tent for protest would leave Vukovar, Medved asked a question why a tent would leave Vukovar.
- Why would you leave the city hero? Of course he has something to do with Vukovar. Croatian defenders will decide where the tent will be positioned. He does not jeopardize anyone. The tent unified the defenders - Medved said.
Asked if he was afraid of Fred Matic's fate he said he was not afraid and he was aware of the work he had received.
"I participated in the war, in a series of post-armed reform, in very demanding reforms where the military has diminished and I think it actually gives me enough experience to make and make decisions," Medved said.
Asked what he would do to see a tide in front of the ministry, he replied that, in order to do so, I participated in his rise.
"Together with them, I would raise this tent," Medved said.
Talking about the Defense Fund Medved announced the change of laws and sentences that allowed seven percent of privatization to be unavoidable in the Fund of Defense.
- It is necessary to change the law and to make this percentage of funds mandatory for the purpose of its sustainability due to new privatization procedures. We will certainly talk and that seven percent of the Croatia Insurance sales will be paid into the fund, which is not exactly due to that law - Medved said.
Medved did not want to comment on the medical record of the parliamentary representative Andrija Mikulić about his colleague Miri Bulja, who was the Croatian defender, and where did he find this information and whether it was possible to do so publicly.
- I did not know the details in detail. How much I managed to hear over the radio is about accusations of housing and disability. As far as the apartment is concerned, it is within the competence of the Ministry of Defense because Bulj was an active military person. Invalidity is within the remit of the Pension Insurance Institute. Given that I heard that he was calling the HORN, he would not comment on that case - Medved said.
In addition, he believes in the allegations of Andrew Mikulic that he can not comment because he does not have enough knowledge.