The play we are watching in Croatia is the most dramatic thing that could have happened to us. Absolute theater. Grotesque. Tragicomedy. Choose it, it's yours. So where are we today?
We have a power that does not know (or does not want to) rule. We have a prime minister who fell from Mars, or from Canada, acting as an opposition to the strongest ruling party, whose boss has invented and installed it in a place where he figured he became Superman. He does not understand the very best Croatian, does not speak it quite understandable, and if he literally transmitted his sentences to the media, they would cause laughter of laughter or, perhaps, bitter tears, for this is the proof we have been in. Anyway, perhaps because it occasionally eats and fights the strongest among the ruling, it has managed to somehow enter the circle of most popular politicians (does it ?!). Unfortunately, this is not because of the ability he showed, but rather because of some pangs of pity on a person who does not know where he is, why he is there and what will be with him tomorrow, but he still finds a bad crunch of defiance, so he does not want to always dance as they play the boss of the state or the boss of the strongest party.
We have opposition Social Democrats who do not know whether they would be mutilated at speed or at a slow pace. Their boss wants once again to be prime minister, but because of his proud laziness and scorn at all secular, the public has no idea whatsoever he thinks about a single occurrence that is emerging in Croatia and thus on his political path.
We have a president who suffers from deafness and blindness when scumbagging "For a Home Is Ready" in her presence at the stadium, but loudly hears and picks up when someone calls her personally. Then, driven by the hurtful essence, he returned with a dramatic letter, for example, to a priest who told her he was disappointed when he said that the NDH was not an independent state rather than a criminal, that the Ustasha regime was nothing more than a crime. Do it theatrically, as a schoolgirl in the drama group, highlighting the words communicated by her communicative experts to be emphasized, pathetically affecting the Biblical deluge before us if her words are not listened to. It was similar, but in a written version, and when Milorad Pupovac wrote a letter full of warnings that a dangerous social climate was created, full of disregard for the Serbs. Feeling personally named, he reminded her that she was with the guardian of the Order and the Constitution, and that some who have problems today should watch what they write and say on the public scene because they insult the feelings of the majority, Croat people.
We have a Croatian television that thinks it is a national interest to live with us the mass served by a priest known for worshiping the character and work of Ante Pavelic. We also have a minister of culture who financially kills everything that is ideologically frustrated, and, inter alia, acknowledges Interliber. Along with this, the historian is inclined to revise Ustasha regime.
We have the first vice-president of the cabinet who is a friend of a man who is a consultant to MOL and who paid for his wife's wife's wife for media and energy counseling, counting that half a million would pay him when he came to power. Timely investment is the best investment in the future.
We have a second vice-president of the Government, who does not usually appear, and when it comes mostly out of the first vice-president of the government, whom we only mention the most recent, accused him of issuing national interests if he continues to advocate an arbitration agreement with Hungarian MOL.
He had a ruling coalition, which members do not want to call that name, but create a mimicry as if they are not together, so they call it co-operation. Calling them with horns in the bag would be too expensive. One against the other is writing a petition. One vote with the opposition against their partners' proposals. Facebook leads each other's wars, calling each other. The highlight was when one asked the Conflict of Interest Commission to examine the story of the relationship between the First Deputy Prime Minister and his wife's wife with the lobby of MOL, who is usually their family friend. The appalling man came from "fraternal" ranks, when the MP from the coalition's strongest party stood in front of the press and invited DORH to investigate the situation in which the vice-president of the First Vice-President of the Government and his party chief had at one time received a flat from the MORH as defender then sold it, citing those dates and transactions, and even as he "donned" the disability, quoted his medical records by degrees and codes (which are personal, legally protected data!) ... Basically, the bottom of the bottom. No one should touch the leader or else he will be poorly executed. Everything stinks of the abuse of state services and registers, and somehow I doubt that DORH will dare and investigate how the personal data of the cure from the system will remain to the ammunition in the calculation of the coalition partners.
Unfortunately, today Croatia is not only threatened by an asylum. The land that is catapulted into chaos threatens the absolute primitivization of everything that has so far been so much polite and civilized. Instead of talking about a new curriculum that will make Croatian students competitive on the market, we are dealing with imposed divisions and hatred switches like currents from all the dust of society. Those who say that the divisions have to be stopped or that they are not so dramatic as insulting the enemies of Croatia have actively participated in affirmation of the topics and attitudes that have brought the state of the society into annihilation. Whatever they are saying today to calm the situation, it is as though a firefight started to fire. It's just not in his blood to him.
Every day in this state the day is lost. Although new elections would not bring about a dramatic qualitative change, given that we know all actors, that would be the most honest solution for Croatian citizens. To blend cards and choose again. Everything else makes no sense. Is there any judge who will end the end of this match?