- Well as well as wellness, cone as a connection and a continent, Goran Kunštek, Director of Zagorje International, explained, from the name of the first regional Wellnean continental tourism fair, this weekend, from 13. to 15. May in Krapina. He did it in the company of Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic, Krapina - Zagorje County Prefect Zeljko Kolar and Head of the Tourist Board of KZZ Ksenije Tomić at Zagreb Ban Jelacic Square, and supported by the Assistant Minister of Tourism Martina Jantol, Parliamentary Representative Žarko Tušek, Chief of Krapinsko Toplica Ernest Slažić and the president of Krapina County Farmers Association, Mirko Majsec.

The visit of foreign journalists

- The idea of ​​the fair itself is the promotion of Northwestern Croatia's destination. With 60's exhibitors, with emphasis on Krapina-Zagorje County, this weekend Krapina visitors are also expected to have a rich entertainment program. Along with the CDUs, drumming up various panel discussion and discussion, we invite everyone to come with families, at the same time to make various discounts, benefits, win some prize and instantly taste the charms of the continent itself, said Kunštek and added that continental tourism will not only be presented to domestic and foreign tourists but also to foreign media, so for more than a 30 journalist it is organized a study tour - two of the main sights of Northwestern Croatia will be visited in two days, and it is well spent to transfer this image to neighboring countries. are also targeted tourist markets - such as Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

- The fair itself, besides the inside there is also an outdoor, entertaining, which has provided Sementa Rajhard with its amusement park Adria. There will be medieval hospitality as well, and a special attraction at the very beginning will be the parade of riders and riders organized by the Krapina County Growers Association and Mr. Mirko Majcec. It is not the purpose of the fair to just visit it and go home with a bunch of promotional leaflets, but also to experience the city of Krapina and Krapina - Zagorje County, which will definitely contribute to Štruklijada, which is being held on Saturday in the Krapinske Toplice. Therefore, we invite you to come to the heart of Zagorje and visit Krapina - the city of culture, history, Ljudevita Gaja, Kajkavska popevki and now regional tourism, called Kunštek, adding that the opening of the Fair on Fridays at 11 hours at the Krapina High School Sports Hall . The mayor Bandic also handed over a gift and an invitation - the cartoon with the logo of the "Wellcone" fair, where Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic was in the carriage.
"Wellcone" is usually under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Tourist Board, with the superstructure of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, along with partners, Krapina - Zagorje County, KZŽ Tourist Board, Krapina City and the Krapina Tourist Association, Zagorski Development Agency, Preseci Group, Fil Art , along with academic partners Vern University and Vocational College "Baltazar" from Zaprešić. The main organizer of Zagorje International's first Zagorje digital newsletter, co-hosted by VinOliva from Hungary and the media partner Radio Kaj.

Head of KZŽ Tourist Board office Ksenija Tomić announced Štruklijada, which was held on Saturday in Krapina's Toplice, but before that Krapina became the host of the first regional fair for continental tourism, because, apart from the City of Zagreb, was the leader of continental tourism in Croatia, emphasizing and the figures for the first four months of this year - the increase in arrivals from the 48 percent, and in the nights of 44 percent.

- Events such as Štruklijada, Babičini cakes and 100 poet Zagorje were produced with fruit, Zagorje was recognized as a unique destination. We note the rise of foreign guests for the 70 percent and 55 percent more in the overnight stays, the visit is higher by the 19 percent and the Museums of the Croatian Zagorja 20 posto. All the roads, therefore, this weekend lead to Zagorje - first Wellcone, then eighth Štruklijada, on Saturday at 15 hours, at Aquae Vivae Aqua Park. There is also a gastro show of high school pupils from Zabok and Pregrad, and its offer will be presented by numerous OPGs, will be able to taste the exquisite and award winning Zagorje wines, and after the announcement of the winner there is also an entertainment program, which will be provided Krapina band Trnje live acoustic - concluded Ksenija Tomić.

Time for kicking

Krapina - Zagorje County Zeljko Kolar said that the County has been working for branding for a long time as "Fairy Tales".
- And now is the time for bigger shots. That is why I am delighted with the support of Minister of Tourism Martina Jantol, who worked on the MZC Masterplan to 2025. year, where we anticipated an increase of guest arrivals for five to seven times. This is not possible without major events and investments. We have the most guests from Zagreb and every manifestation therefore we have the habit of presenting in Zagreb and invite Zagreb and Zagreb to join us, with full support from the City of Zagreb and Mayor Bandic. Therefore, we invite you to the first Regional Continental Tourism Fair and then to Štruklijada in Krapinske Toplice and the best strtrukle in the world, our Zagorje štrukle, concluded Kolar.
- Thank Colonel Kolar for a wonderful initiative. I am happy to mark the eighth Štruklijada. And I think zagorski štrukli the best in the world and should popularize them as much as possible. I'm glad we'll see you on Friday in Krapina and on Saturday in Krapinsko Toplice. Let Zagorci go to Zagreb and Zagrepčani Zagorje. Bandić concluded, after which he shared Zagorje štrukle in the company of the county councilor of Kolar, the deputy representative of Žarka Tušek, the assistant minister of tourism Martina Jantol, the mayor of Krapinska Toplica Ernest Svažić and the actress and singer Semente Rajhard Zagrepčan.