Riham Dawabcheh, mother of Ali Dawabcheh, a 18-month-old Palestinian boy who was burned alive in a house fire for which he was held by Jewish extremists, suffered an injury on the night of Monday, an Israeli hospital said on Wednesday.

Masked men shot 31. July firebombs through the windows of the house Dawabchen family in the village of Duma, in the north of the occupied West Bank.

But Dawabcheh at the age of 18 months died fatally in the fire. Eight days later, his father Saad Dawabcheh succumbed to injuries. Ahmed (4), the second child of the family, is still undergoing treatment.

"Riham Dawabcheh died during the night," said a spokeswoman for the hospital Tel Hashomer in Tel Aviv where young 26-year-old teacher received with third-degree burns covering 80 percent of her body.

Israelis should surrender the body of Riham Dawabche to the Palestinian authorities at the checkpoint at the entrance to the West Bank. She should be buried during the day.

Palestinians accuse Jewish settlers of the attack, which the Israeli leaders unanimously rated as "terrorist", which rarely do when it comes to Palestinian attacks.

Before dawn 31. July masked people thrown molotov cocktails at Dawabcheh's house where the windows were open because of the heat. A small house was quickly burned, and there are just walls on which were written the words "revenge" and "price to pay" which for years used by activists of the extreme right and the settlers in Israel and the Palestinian territories as a justification for aggression and vandalism against Palestinians and Israeli Arabs or attacks on Muslim and Christian shrines, and even on Israeli soldiers.