The guest of Veto by Sanjin Španović on Jabuca TV was a member of the HDSSB Parliamentary Assembly, Josip Salapić, who said that he felt that Prime Minister Oreskovic had not been a puppet so far at the end of Tomislav Karamarko, but that he now also withdraws his hand.
"I support all his past moves and appointments in the SOA, the police, and other topics that have disagreed with Karamarko. But it is seen that he has been pulling a handcuff lately. Yesterday when he talked about the issues surrounding Karamarko and the arbitration of INA - MOL had a slight impact on the HDSSB's assessment, only in order to appear at the press conference as Prime Minister after a few days of silence. He needed to talk much more firmly and stronger as Prime Minister - said Salapić in Vet.
According to him, after another fall of quorum, Croatia has no ruling majority in the Parliament.
- This is the first time in history, this is never happening. Sometimes the sick MPs and the pregnant woman brought the vote, and now neither the Government nor the Croatian Parliament are functioning. Three times without a quorum, I think it is scandalous and that Croatia is probably ahead of new elections - Salapić said.
It was also commented by the presence of all MOST MPs on the vote, as well as on the resignation of Vice-Presidents of the HDZ MPs Gordan Jandrokovic and Davorin Mlakar.
"There must have been a big conflict in their club after the quorum fell. There is a political crisis within the HDZ club. There is a conflict between two vice presidents and Ivan Šuker's president - said Salapić and added that MOST is afraid of new elections.
- They are afraid of a new election, the new elections would not suit them because they would not get half the mandates they have today. Today they all ran to parliament and their arrival in the Parliament is a pure pragmatism because they came to nothing, they would be the ones who ruin the ruling coalition. They probably got some of the threats from the HDZ club that it could not do so anymore. They did so in the order, but did not match HDZ - Salapić said.
HDSSB says it is not for any change.
- It is likely that the coalition between them is shooting. It is unbelievable that representatives of the same coalition are attacking each other. This is, above all, a serious party like the HDZ should not allow, if people have no mutual trust, how to expect a stable government? First it started with the child's illness, then it started with the complication of the disease and then ended with severe illness and the whole team. We will probably have new elections in the autumn, and we are for it, not for some combinations, "Salapić says.
He argues that HDSSB, although disagreeing with his policy, is not about abolishing the office of Stjepan Mesic who does not want to speak.
- It's a personal account of the HDZ towards him, a pure revenge on him. If he travels at the expense of other states, he needs to give him a basic allowance for action, let him ask for sponsors. It is dangerous to think that if this decision is successful, the Constitutional Court would collapse when Mesić complained about it - Salapić said.
He says that in HDSSB they still have no say on whether to join the SDP and support their proposal to vote on the withdrawal of Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko's first vice-president, but he confirmed that SDP began collecting signatures for the privatization of seven companies and how they the proposal was signed and supported.