At the invitation of the International Institute for Counterterrorism ICT - International Institute for Counter-Terrorism Head of the Emergency Management Office, Pavle Kalinic participates in the work of 15. International Conference on Counterterrorism World Summit on Counter-Terrorism - ICT's 15th International Conference held by 7. to 10. September 2015. in Herzliya, Israel.

An annual conference organized by the International Institute of Counterterrorism is one of the most important global gatherings that deal with counterterrorism in an interdisciplinary way. This year's conference is particularly important in view of the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levanta (ISIS), the spread of terrorism, as well as the instability in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and a large part of Africa. The main program of the conference is realized through panel discussions and workshops dealing with a specific phenomenon of contemporary terrorism, including defining, analyzing terrorism, media, and strategies in the fight against terrorism, and analyzing specific versions and manifestations of terrorism. The conference serves as a platform for creating international co-operation with leading world experts and counter-terrorism institutions.

International Institute of Counterterrorism ("International Institute for Counter-Terrorism "- ICT) is a renowned research institute devoted to the development of innovative public policy solutions to international terrorism. ICT seeks international co-operation in the global fight against terrorism and creates a path for multilateral action against terrorist networks and states that sponsor terrorism.

More than 1300 participants from the 70 countries participated in the last year's conference, and the organizers expect that this year's participants will be even more.