Antiterrorist Unit (ATJ) Lučko celebrated 25 on Monday. anniversary of organization as the first unit established in an independent Croatia, later formed by the special police of the Croatian Army (HV), and today, it is highlighted at the ceremony, the most elite unit of the Croatian police.

Families celebrated their anniversary in their base in Lučko by the President of the Republic, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Rajko Ostojić, and other senior public and political officials as well as numerous active and retired specialists.

The President of the Republic thanked all the wounded and retired members of the unit who, as he pointed out, with the greatest personal indulgence and devotion, contributed to the celebration of the units, its successes in the Homeland War and the creation of a sovereign and independent Republic of Croatia, and with a special pie of recollection of all the killed members of this unit .

Reflecting on the issue of national security and the fight against terrorism, the president said that Croatia's membership in the European Union and the NATO alliance gives certain security guarantees, but that responsibility for our national security is in the first place on us.

He emphasized that he was addressing the best solution to modernize our national strategic security system at a governmental level to make it faster and more effective, and at operational level toughen up and in this way, she added, "Allowing you to do all the job easier."

President Grabar-Kitarović believes that investing in security, primarily in defense and the police, should certainly be seen as an investment that must provide us with the highest level of security, without which there are no long-term assumptions for so much desired economic growth and development.

He expressed the belief that the Lucky Antiterrorism Unit will continue to be one of the key operational punctuation pins in the fight against terrorism, but also in combating the most difficult forms of criminality and addressing the most complex situations. "Croatian citizens trust you and I am confident that you will never trust their trust," the president of the Republic said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Rajko Ostojić said that we are proud to remember those specials from ATJ Lučko who have laid down the life for achieving the Croatian dream of freedom and independence.

"We are proud of their merits and with deep gratitude to the victims of the unit as well as to all victims of the Homeland War," Ostojic added, pointing out that their heroic acts and sacrifices are the responsibility of all of us.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that the military path behind this unit is behind us, but he is also inspired by the new challenges in the peaceful conditions which, he believes, are no less challenging than the celebrated war past. He estimated that specialists today are well-trained police officers and top experts, and skilled and brave members of the special police force. Minister Ostojić explained that the tasks for which they are in charge are not at all simple and require trained and well-prepared and above all a special police special police officer.

The specialists called on members, as members of this elite unit, to confirm as new members participating in crisis situations and international missions and in the ATLAS network, the international association of special forces.

As part of marking 25. the anniversaries of the founding of the Anti-terrorist Unit of Lučko President Grabar-Kitarović and other guests and guests laid wreaths and lit candles at the Memorial Monument and met with the families of the killed members of the unit. Mass was also served for all the killed members of ATJ Lučko, and specialists demonstrated part of their skills in demonstration exercises.