Mara Bratoš: Autoakt 3, 2015.
Mara Bratoš: Autoakt 3, 2015.

Exhibit "CURRENT" is a two-year, biased, thematic exhibition of recent works by members of ULUPUH's Photo Section held by 2008. years. The author of the conception and curator of the exhibition is Višnja Slavica Gabout. ULUPUH's photographers, who have been contemplating contemporary topics for a number of years through the project, have chosen INTIMNO for this year's fifth edition of this project. Based on the subjectivity and revealing their personality indirectly, the authors in this way visualize their diary in a way and reveal their self-portrayal, and the subject itself is problematized from several aspects:
- As a relationship with oneself (family roots, identity, memories, hidden fears, personal trauma ...)
- As an attitude towards the environment (love, hatred, empathy, sympathy, indifference, understanding, obsession, alienation, helping others, relationship to people with mental health disorders, the elderly and the poor, psychic states and personality transformation, open and hidden aggression)
- As a relationship to intimacy (media and commercial banalization of intimacy, media manipulation of the intimate, boundary between intimate and public)

Selection of works for the exhibition this year was done with the curator, photographer Janko Belaj and Dag Oršić.

"Profinished by capturing intriguing and sometimes unexpected situations, the themes are approaching showing the breadth of access and richness of stylistic expressions - from lyrical, expressive, thoughtful, metaphysical to socially engaged; from symbolic to conceptual. Offering narratives, symbols, allegories, metaphors, photo action, photo performance ... The story INTIMNO told 36 in the author's way: one discreetly crossing over and reconstructing the fragments of one's own life, and others critically focusing on today's world full of alienation, separation , uncommunications ... One evoking stories from the imagination world, others contemplating age, transience, death ... One visualizing experience of a close relationship with ambience, space, city ... others with landscapes and interiors. One is looking for their memories, memories, roots, and others concentrating on social action and turning their attention to the current social condition. So all together, with creative diversity, responsive to the challenges of time, in which today it is important to retain personality as an individual and preserve intimacy. "(Višnja Slavica Gabout, from the preface)

Presented by: Zoran Alajbeg, Janko Belaj, Boris Berc, Mara Bratoš, Đani Celija, Saša Ćetković, Marin Dražančić, Nina Đurđević, Hrvoje Grgić, Denis Gržetić, Filip Horvat, Maja Hrnjak, Ante Jaša, Damir Klaić, Iva Lulić, Ines Ljubetić Fišer , Anto Magzan, Tomislav Marić, Alan Matuka, Ratko Mavar, Karmen Orlić, Dag Oršić, Mario Periša, Berislava Picek, Josip Portada, Tomislav Rastić, Višnja Serdar, Igor Šeler, Vladimir Šimunić, Dragutin Škreblin, Erika Šmider, Vanja Šolin, Zvonimir Tanocki, Siniša Ustulica, Vladimir Vučinović and Ino Zeljak

The exhibition will be open to the Museum of Mimara to 12. June, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays from 10 to 17 h, Thursdays from 10 to 19 h, Sundays from 10 to 14 h. On Mondays and Holidays, the Museum is closed to the public. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

The exhibition was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.

After Zagreb, the exhibition will be in Rovinj on August this year at the Photo Art Gallery "Batana". The visit is realized with the financial support of the City of Rovinj and the Tourist Board of the City of Rovinj.