The City of Zagreb and the Society of Architects of Zagreb organize an exhibition with public debate and discussion of the contestants with the Oversight Court for the Decoration of Ljerka Šram Street in Zagreb.

The exhibition opens in the premises of the Society of Architects of Zagreb (DAZ), J. Jelačić Square 3 / I, on Wednesday, 18. May 2016. in 18.30 hours and remains open until Wednesday, 25. May 2016. and you can look at award-winning works here.

The tender for the design of Ljerka Šram Street in Zagreb is a pilot project for the Zagreb project for me.

The City of Zagreb, in cooperation with the Society of Architects of Zagreb (DAZ) and the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb, Department of Urban Planning, launched a project of urban revitalization of public space in the city of Zagreb through the implementation of 17 interventions and interventions in public areas throughout the city. Such a distributed approach would have the effect of improving the overall image of the city and improving the quality of the urban life of citizens through the segments of housing, recreation, rest and social cohesion.

These interventions will contribute to the creation of positive public relations towards the public, and the creation of a positive atmosphere and optimism in the city as well as the economic incentive for small architectural and construction subjects.
The project started to be implemented in cooperation with the City Office for Physical Planning, Construction of the City, Construction, Utilities and Transport, the Society of Architects of Zagreb and the Faculty of Architecture, and in the whole process participates also part of the intervention is used the method of Acupuncture of the city which ensures active participation of citizens and citizens associations and other initiatives in this project.

Throughout the location study, AF proposed the 33 location obtained by urban city-mapping overlaid with sites that acupuncture of the city identified as significant from conversations and suggestions by citizens, associations and local government.
By choosing the location and setting the coverage and budget, the Faculty of Architecture will create bidding programs and databases for each location. For the majority of selected sites, a specific local-oriented City Acupuncture will be implemented at city-level level, which will ensure citizen participation in decision-making and expression of actual needs and will thus contribute to the quality of the program's preparation and support for these sites.

Ideal solutions for selected locations come through architectural competitions that provide the highest quality of selected works, involving a large number of architects and experts and certainly the most transparent approach possible.
The implementation of the competition and the legitimacy of the same DAZs is the real power, and will provide the highest competitive and professional standards and the required dynamics of the preparation and implementation of the entire project. Realization, dynamics, time frames, project promotion and priorities, solutions and results will be coordinated with the City.

Further implementation of the project and the realization of interventions at selected and processed sites, is the responsibility of the City of Zagreb.