At local elections, the HDZ and the SDP could be experiencing serious election defeats in the capital.

At the most attractive sports venue that is financially worth it like everyone else along with the HDZ and the SDP, it is difficult to win.

It would not be a surprise if in the Assembly again they ended up in opposition. And that's right and lasting.

The mayor, as the list of contestants currently appears, is likely to be again Milan Bandic, an independent candidate or HNS Anka Mrak Taritaš.

Davor Bernardić and Andrija Mikulić, as candidates, can hardly compete in the second round, let alone take a win at the election for a year. Not only because of the fact that the current polls show it, but also because the time that comes does not go in favor.

Both parties decided to use monolithic tune for leaders. One just slower than the others. Croatian voters will probably want to help them in these efforts in these local elections.

They do not know in Zagreb SDP whether or not they have more and more local elections and that is not the atmosphere in which they can be successfully prepared.

If they still do not give up, and if Davor Bernardić is their candidate for the mayor, half of the campaign he will need to spend on voter persuasions as this is really true this time and his boss will not change his last moment. It is easier for voters to sell something in what you believe.

And if Milanovic offers something to Zagrepcani somewhat differently, that candidate or candidate will fall because of his recommendation. But whoever they are.

If he would recommend wine or food, the SDP chief might have found more than half of Zagreb's citizens to take it. But hardly in politics.

Milanovic's support was denied even by Sandra Švaljek, who would not refuse Milan Bandic again to choose.

After all, SDP will find difficult in Zagreb to find a relevant political ally. Neither HNS will probably be in the coalition with them, and the HSUs are always in Zagreb always with Bandits as far as SDP elections are concerned.

So, whatever the way they go, the SDP is badly writing.

For other reasons, neither the HDZ nor the HDZ stands any better.

The Affair of the Consultant reminds some of the former times, and in HDZ, voters in Zagreb knew beforehand to blow cold.

Preeksutra HDZ joins the town and formally in a coalition with Milan Bandic, which will bring them the seat of the Speaker of the Assembly, but will take them away a lot of voters for a year.

And the place of President of the Assembly Andriji Mikulić will endure much more damage in the long run than it will enjoy in it. Of Bandic's most fervent critics, he becomes his greatest ally.

He will be head of the Assembly, and he will not succeed in changing the name of Marshal Tito Square, which he constantly promises to his voters. It seems as if he has not been sufficiently overlooked by the recent indiscretions on Bulja's account.

They are aware of this in the HDZ and are already thinking of supporting Bandic for mayors in the elections if he takes their people for the deputies and the lists for the assembly are separate.

This is a great plan, but only for Milan Bandic. And some new political forces on the right. The HDZ list would be so "credible" hardly going well.

From the debacle, the HDZs will only be rescued by their good organization and the largest number of party activists.

Neither HDZ can save some new candidate for the mayor. Because everyone would know the surname of the person who invented it.

If the citizens of Zagreb could hardly accept the political recommendation of Zoran Milanovic, that does not mean anything to accept the one from Karamarko. Indeed. This person was called Tomislav or Ana.

Being their choice today means politically dying tomorrow.

Like the last election cycles, voters in Zagreb will vote mainly for and against Milan Bandic. And the SDP and HDZ are there in no country.

One created it, and others held it.