Lurking at the only Croatian film festival A category, the World Animated Film Festival, the multimedia facade of the MSU invites you to stop thinking of animation as cartoons!

The joint project of Animafest Zagreb and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Animation goes MSU! has become a traditional introductory event in the main program of the World Film Festival.

So this year, for the fifth time, the media facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art is publicized by 24. May to 11. June can get to know the selection of the world's best site-specific animated works.

Fourteen of this year's works at the international competition were selected by Daniel Šuljić, artistic director of Animafest, and Vesna Meštrić, senior curator of MSU. Most will be premiered, characterized by the diversity of authorship - from narrative and figuration to experiment and abstraction, coming from Germany, China, Estonia, Slovenia, USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

List of papers:
Xeroxed Destinations, Po-Yen Wang (Taiwan)
Lunatic, Boris Hergešić (Croatia)
Watching TV in Paris, Maja Kaloger (Croatia)
Stutter, Ranko Anđelić (BiH / UK)
From Here to There, Terje Henk (Estonia)
Bay Bingo (Gulf Bingo), Corrie Francis Parks, Kelley Bell (USA)
The Creation of Fascism, Slobodan Tomić (Croatia)
Dance experiments, Melanie Beisswenger (Germany)
Petris, Damir Grbanović and Lea Vučko (Slovenia)
Mesh_5, Ivan Renić (Croatia)
Meteor Sonata (Meteor Sonata), Ding Shiwei (China)
E / G # 9: loop, Exquisite Glitch (Croatia)
Third Law, Goran Radosevic (Croatia)
Dots, Tracy Miller-Robbins (USA)