The continental shelf season has begun. World show Taste of Ibiza and Spanish music by DJ Marien Baker delighted visitors of this re-designed weekend Green Gold Club. Hockey Tadija Mirić, water poloist Fran Paškvalin and Franko Geratović, entrepreneur Snježana Mehun and model Kim Kosanović enjoyed hundreds of cheerful visitors.

The Green Gold Club will be lifted on Saturday to a new dimension, and Zagreb will finally return to the world. Every Saturday in the new season of the Green Gold Club is reserved for fans of electronic music and the performances of leading DJs of today. To the surprise of many, the revamped Green Gold Club with new sound and lighting will be a real pleasure for all the senses of electronic music lovers.

Novi exciting Green Gold Club announcement for Thursday, 10. September with the tambura band Dyaco, on Friday, 11. September, we expect a concert from the Colonia band. Saturday night 12. September reserved for the new Gold Rush gold fever that Green Gold Club this season presents sensationally with electronic music and performance performers. The upcoming Gold Rush will open DJ Tom Polo with contagious house rhythms and a recognizable memory.