The guest of Veto by Sanjin Španović on Jabuka TV was Igor Štagljar, one of the most famous Croatian scientists in the world and a professor at the University of Toronto. The stalker recently came to Croatia shortly when the curricular reform stalled, which he called winning the wage policy.

"That's definitely so. The simplest is when people are misled by knowledge, because when the people of knowledge can not easily manipulate it and implement it with non-intellectual methods. This has happened in Croatia, we have a system of Mary Theresa and our children are taught us by a system of innocence that keeps children from learning the nonsense to be kidding. That is not out there, it was time to change, they lost a year and a half, "said Straw in Vet, adding that what happened to curricular reform was a big blow to Croatian intellectuals, but also to Croatia as a country.
He described the education system in Canada and called it a system that teaches children how to be happy.
"They have a lot of presentations, projects that involve creativity. In Croatia, children are treated as machines. In Canada, one does not learn who was a character in history, but they ate, "says Strawberries.
In the world it is known and acknowledged that a person who is involved in projects seeking to find a cancer and tumor drug is currently involved in the commercialization of MaMTH technology, which will open the way for new lung cancer therapies, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and others.
In addition, his most important project was his work on finding a cure for lung cancer, and his success would be his greatest satisfaction in his career.
"This project is progressing very well. We are within a year to reach 14 months of drug administration on the first patients suffering from lung cancer. I planned to do it a little faster, but in the development you have a lot of problems. It would be wise to have this medicine helping people with lung cancer, but the likelihood that this drug will not work between the 40 and 50 percent, "said Stealth, adding that it is imperative for his findings to be applied to the clinic.
The show shows that a professor at the Toronto Medical School commented and supported the efforts of Health Minister Daria Nakić to raise prices in healthcare.
"We are really scared here, health costs a lot, as we do not have in Canada. If you want to go to a specialist checkout, you will have to pay. I do not think that this is a big money out of the 30 kuna for the supplementary. So in Canada there is a basic insurance for everyone who works, but if you want a specialist, then you will have to have a supplement. It is a social system. Some firms pay you. For me and my daughters it's all paid. Socially vulnerable should help, the government should provide a package, "said Stalla.
He did not want to comment too much on the prime minister he met last year when he was sponsoring a conference in Split, but said he would not write a letter to him like he did to former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic.
"Politics should not interfere in science. When I wrote that letter to Milanovic I was young and inexperienced. I want Oreskovic a lot of luck, "said Štagljar.