"HNS has shown in the last 25 years that it is a party of results, reason and serious policy, not experimentation. To prove it at the next local or possible early parliamentary elections, we have to work and learn with their organizations, "said HNS President and Parliament Speaker Ivan Vrdoljak from a conference held in Zagreb as part of a tour of the HNS county organizations. It can also be learned from the example of the city of St John the Zeal, which looks completely different from the other cities of the Zagreb County. His Mayor, HNS's Hrvoje Košćec, has shown that start-ups can begin to plan, work, and accomplish in a very short time. The goal is to do so in the rest of the Zagreb County, said Vrdoljak adding that there are reasons to believe in success. "Experiments with populism or, worse, extremism that appear on Croatian streets are too expensive for Croatian citizens and we never need it," he pointed out.

Reflecting on the state of the country, he said Croatia was paralyzed today. "We are experiencing the crisis of the institutions, the authority of the president and the vice-premier of the government is lost, we do not know who should assume the responsibility, and Croatia needs a strong, stable and stable government, which we do not have today. From this situation of the paralyzed government and the country that is blocked can bring us early elections, but it depends on the decision of the ruling, "said the president of HNS. He reminded of the clear and consistent policy of the HNS, who said, first, almost half a year ago, that he was going to the opposition and that he would be a constructive opposition. "We propose new laws every few weeks. Unfortunately, in the Parliament nothing is discussed or decided, said Vrdoljak.

Talking about GDP growth in the first quarter of this year, he congratulated entrepreneurs, citizens and employees, who, as he said, expressed this result and showed that they could adapt more quickly to positive trends than politics. "Such a result and this behavior of the entrepreneurial sector and citizens is a lesson and message to political elites - start working because otherwise we will not be able to keep GDP at these levels for a long time," Vrdoljak said and assessed that the real outcome of the failure of this Government will be reflected in the last quarter of 2016 . and the first quarter of 2017. years. I would not like to go downhill again and repeat the history with the 2000 middle, he concluded.

Vrdoljak reiterated that all nine parliamentarians of HNS will vote for the withdrawal of Tomislav Karamarko, and Veljko Kajtazija's attitudes will be aligned with the views of the HNS Club and the National Minority Club. He also said he did not expect pressure, adding that the recruitment of a deputy was a criminal offense. The HNS president once again expressed his support for the complete curricular reform and recalled that at the end of last week, above all as a citizen and a parent, he urged everyone to come to tomorrow's protest and say it is enough. "We choose to have our children have a chance to succeed in Croatia. The crowds who think it will stop because of their small interests will not succeed, "said Vrdoljak.

The president of the county organization of the Zagreb County of Zagreb, Dubravko Ponoš, assessed that with HNS's quality transformation, the HNS of this county has been strengthened and reminded of the successful mayor of St. John Zeline, which is the best example of how HNS works. "I believe that after the next local elections we will have other quality examples of HNS mayors and mayors in the Zagreb County, which will show how well HNS works," Ponoš said.