The lively wall, which will go to parliamentary elections on its own, called on Tuesday to join citizens, associations and organizations ready to provide resistance to the "HDZ-SDP axis", stressing that the return of the looted property and revision and annulment of conversion and privatization will be the most important item on which to base the pre-election campaign.

"I call on all individuals, organizations and associations to join the Living Wall as a movement and jointly free Croatia from the debt service, from the HDZ-SDP pests that brought us here, to remove political corruption and return all the assets that people are taking over in the last 25 years" , said the candidate of the Living Wall for Prime Minister Ivan Sincic at a press conference in front of the devastated and deranged Paromlin building.

He noted that they had chosen the building for their pre-election campaign as it symbolizes Croatia - destroyed in every way, stretched and disheartened. Sincic also said that the Living Wall will come out in all 12 constituencies and the lists and their carriers will be presented when the time comes.

Stressing that the return of the abducted property is the main item of their electoral program, he said that the Living Wall estimates that Croatia has been charged about corruption, non-payment of taxes, public goods, bribes and war profits by about 60 billion, and continues to be on a daily basis. He also said that Lives Wall will fight to find abducted and robbed money and return it to Croatian citizens.

"Without settling the bill and not revising the policy for us does not make any sense at all," he said. Sincic pointed out that the Living Wall pledges that each citizen will be obliged to repatriate a minimum of five and a maximum of fifteen thousand euros, which is about one-third of the abducted property.

A living wall will stand for monetary reform because they want to change the role of the Croatian National Bank (CNB) in order to encourage employment, production and competitiveness in the future and not generate public debt as yet.

"We are committed to lifting the currency clause and establishing a real exchange rate," said Sincic. He added that no other party wanted to agree to those points of their pre-election program and therefore cooperation with them was not possible.

Sincic said the campaign will be funded by citizens' donations, and their party and parliamentarians will invest some of their revenues in the construction of solar power plants to make electricity cheaper and reduce energy imports. He also announced that his electoral program would be present at tribunes all over the country, and thousands of their activists would be on the field.

Ivan Pernar warned that there is currently an unresolved issue of 320.000 blocked citizens in the country, a number of foreclosed real estates and that no political option other than the Living Wall does not perceive this problem, let alone solve it.

"We expect the SDP and the HDZ, as two evil axes, to try to present people in problems again in all ways as though they were their friends, even though they had brought them into trouble," Pernar said.