President of the Croatian Parliament, Josip Leko, said on Tuesday after the session of the Parliamentary Presidency that the Parliament could be dissolved up to 25. September

"The Speaker of Parliament can not confirm this, but can say that he has received such a suggestion - to convene the Sabor on a regular session and prepare the possibility of a fair hearing to 25. September, in order to prepare the state and society to function until the new mandate of the Parliament, "Leko replied to the question as to whether the information was accurate to dissolve Parliament on that date.

Leko expects that the parliamentary majority in the first week of the regular session next week will prepare a proposal for the dissolution of Parliament to 25. September

The last regular session in the current session begins on Wednesday, 16. September, and is planned for 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24. and 25. September The session will usually begin with Actual morning.

The Parliament, announced Leko, before discussing the dissolution, mainly discuss the priorities proposed by the government. "We expect that in the first week the government will deliver acts that ensure normal work and life in Croatia, up to the new government and parliament," Leko said, referring to the revision of the state budget, the decision on temporary financing and the related financial laws.

Leko refused the objections that an extraordinary session of pre-election character was launched on Tuesday, that five laws, for which the government requested an extraordinary session, could wait a week.

Legislation that we believe are important for Croatian citizens and society are prepared, the session was prepared in a fairly straightforward way, Leko said.

He also rejected the claims that the first point to be discussed, amendments to the Social Welfare Act, was not well prepared, that many issues remained open. "I read the law and I think it's well prepared," Leko said.

Can the Sabor 25 resign. September, parliamentary elections could be held by 25, according to unofficial interpretations in Parliament. October to 22. November The elections are held on Sunday, so the president of the Republic would have five weeks for election.