As part of our new daily Jutarnji chat session, we talked with the city's representative HNS Tomislav Stojak about the content of the secret meeting of the City Assembly on social networks.
Dear Mr. Stojak, I am writing to you on behalf of I was told that today's secret meeting of the City Assembly was passed, so I'm interested in what is the secret?
"I'm a little crowded and fast. The session was about debt repayment for Holding's bonds. ANDsuch a "secret" session about the subject was put in April in "
Then a brief comment, how did you vote about Holding Debt reprography?
"33 for, 10 v., 2 is restrained. SDP voted against, and I and another colleague, I do not know exactly what the SDP, we were abstaining. The rest were for. "
Can you then say why did you decide to be restrained? Also, is it true that the Government of the Republic of Croatia should approve such a reprogramming of the City of Zagreb?
"I remain absent because I consider that the proposal is not sufficiently well reasoned, especially from the point of view of the highest possible interest that the city will pay for this transaction for the next 7 years. As far as I know, yes, the approval of the Government of the Republic of Croatia "
And for the rest, what did you think when you said they had already deployed you such a secret meeting in April? I suppose these sessions are not very practical and that this is somewhat agreed "z brda-z dola"?
"Not. In April, we also had the first meeting on this topic, the same thing was very 'mysterious', and, in our opinion, the opposition is completely unnecessary and unreasonable. The public, especially citizens who pay such debts eventually, must be familiar with all the details of such financial transactions from the beginning "
Excellent, thank you very much for the conversation