Jarun is 18.06.2016. held an "OLD FESTIVAL". The "Three Arrows" Surf Club for many years on the occasion of the World Wind Day (15.6.) Through the festival points to alternative sources of energy, encourages children's creativity and supports the upcoming wave of new music scene. The wind for sailing is essential, but on the other hand, wind energy in Europe has the fundamental role of the European energy system and is considered to wind up to 2030. serving a quarter of the EU's electricity needs.

Only last year 44% of new energy installations in Europe are based on wind energy. In addition to this, the EU is a global leader in the exploitation of wind power with a global share of the total 90% of all the world's wind farms. [1] Wind Festival is supported by Wind EUROPE, the former EWEA (The European Wind Energy Association) for education, culture and sport for the fourth year in a row. The festival takes place at the Great Lakes (meadow from the south side of Doma Tehnika).
surfkart karting with sail wind festival 2016
New and especially interesting surprise at the 2016 Wind Festival. is the day-to-day launch of dragons and dragon-making workshops on "Wind and Wave". Visitors to the festival can also find out more about windsurfing and win a free windsurfing school by meeting THREE STRIP CHALLENGES - maintaining balance on professional surfing boards. If you already have a surprise you can win the tune at the festival. If you are so good you can both. Also at the festival it is possible to try karting with sails - Surfkart (dry sailing and for people with disabilities). The log for the dragonwork workshop must be filled in on tristrijele.hr's website. 2016 Wind Festival Program. starts with 14: 00h.

the release of the dragon's 2016 wind festival
Musicians who promote alternative sources of energy will welcome visitors in a truly surreal way, romantic and cheerful. Miki Solus, Spleen G, KAIRA KELA, Zvonimir Varga and Sisters in Roots perform. Miki Solus is a true refreshment of the Croatian music scene, Spleen G are the winners of the "Shake with the Yellow" contest, and KAIRA CELA straight from Africa sends hot afro groove rhythms.

Zvonimir Varga was declared a romantic trumpet (muzika.hr), while beautiful Sisters in Roots really skillfully dress up summer roots reggae, dancehall and dub hits. More details on bands can be found at http://www.tristrijele.hr/2016/06/artists-line-up-festival-vjetra-18-6-2016/! The evening concerts begin in 18: 00h.

The entrance is free!