"Elections! Elections! Elections ... ", more than a thousand protesters from the initiative turned Croatia into better position at St. Brand. The Zagrebers wanted to show satisfaction with the fall of Tihomir Oreskovic and his desire for better education.

Some protesters even commented in joke how they are "Connect comfortably with useful" that the day of the morning fell on the day of its fall and the power. In a very positive atmosphere, the Zagreb professors and students recalled that it was the reason for coming to Mark's Square for future generations.

Leaders of the protest once again noted how they had to come today because the government completely ignored their demands when they were 50 thousand gathered at Ban Josip Jelačić Square 1. June.

Although a good part of the crowd was spent in whistles and poems, there was also a moment for serious messages. On behalf of Zagreb students he spoke Kristijan Orešković they were greeted with applause.

"I'm angry because there are more than 650 thousands of students and students caught in the trap of the educational system that hampers us and cries, and should inspire and encourage us. It does not seem to help anything until we rebel. And not once. No no. From week to week, "young Oreskovic said.

DSC01735Zagreb professors also spoke at the protest. They pointed out that they were there for their students.

DSC01807As part of the protests, chalks shared with incredible speed marked each tile on the ground of Mark Square. In chercing carving the youngest participated.