His enthusiasm for the match between Croatia and Spain was demonstrated by the HNS deputy Tomislav Stojak, who celebrated his family's return to Pag.

In addition to announcing several guest cards and players to his Facebook profile, he also gave us a detailed view of the game from a prospective former footballer.

"As a former footballer who tries to watch the game both emotionally and rationally, I am delighted with the game of the team last night, especially in the long half. Tactically perfectly positioned game, with players who knew at all times what to do in the field, while at the same time attacking Spain, "Stojak said.

Although the city attorney was delighted with the whole impression, his eye was particularly puzzled about the game Milan Badelja.

"Emotions are strong, big enthusiasm, but I have to say one of my personal views about some players. In addition to the world brands and the main players of the rackets who showed last night how good they are (Perišić, Ćorluka, Rakitić ...) and the two best ones left (Modric and Mandžukić) I was impressed with Milan Badelja's play throughout the championship, especially yesterday. How Badelj keeps the tie line, covering space and rival players, and finally creating the game forward, shows how his toy is intelligent. As a big fan of Dinamo, still today I'm sorry he does not play in Maksimir"Added Stojak.

Of course, Stojak did not forget to mention the menus as well Antu Čačić.

"And yes, I hope to find out in the public and what a beautiful statement about our Anti Cacic menu, because somebody has such a high-quality game in these three games, and is not it? After all, the man has not yet lost a single game on the front of the line. It's just a proof that never, but never basically, you should not 'spit' on anyone until they are shown in your work! This team has shown strength but also wisdom and is ready for a great result. Everyone is honored! "Concluded Stojak.