The Zagreb Police Administration warned citizens in the statement that they did not plead allegations of fraud with alleged "defective banknotes".

As stated in the statement:

We are still faced with the form of fraud where the victims of the criminal offense were mostly elderly persons, by which the perpetrator by using one-time prepaid card calls the victim (the source of the telephone book, usually called several persons until a potential victim is caught) she presented her as a fake employee of one of the banks operating in the Republic of Croatia. After making sure the victim has the money, tell her that the banknotes are defective or invalid and need to be replaced. After that, he asks for the victim to prepare the money that needs to be replaced and that the employee of the bank who will take the money will be contacted at the address. In a short time after the call the perpetrator comes to the victim and takes the money.

Successfully completed criminal investigation of the 45 year-old one of the examples of how to commit such criminal offenses.

Therefore, we warn citizens of the importance of self-protection behavior and that NIKOME (neither by phone nor directly) speaks about the money they keep at home or in the accounts and that they do not give their PINs, even to bank officials, so as not to be victims of criminal offenses.