Organized by the DECRO01 crosmonger training platform, the production team of My Magic Thoughts, Boonika / Boonart, Reboot and China Europe platforms, in Zagreb, 24. 06. 2016. from 17 - 19h to the Europa Cinema in the Muller Hall, a presentation of the first Croatian - Serbian co - production of feature animated film and video game "TESLA - The Invention of a DREAM" will be presented by director Branislav Brkić from the Belgrade study "Ringišpil".

Presentation of the project will be held by:

Branislav Brkić, editor & screenwriter

Takeshi Oga, concept artist

Helena Bulaja Madunić, art director & producer

The project has so far been successfully presented at Cartoon Move in Lyon, Cartoon 360 in Barcelona and MIFA in Annecy, and is currently in the development phase that they have supported MEDIA EU, HAVC and SFC.

Until now, in the concept phase, a special interest in film and gaming distribution has been shown by some of the world's leading commercial distributors and producers.

This way we would also like to invite you to open a call for Character Designers, Storyboard Artists, Animators and Developers, who will be able to apply for a 3min portfolio review after the presentation of the project.

About Film and Video Games:

The movie and video play in a particularly interesting way are followed by a twelve-year-old Adu girl who accidentally reveals that her whole world is actually Tesla's dream that slowly begins to lose strength. Desirous to help Tesla to regain his energy, to complete his latest invention, fully achieving a happy and peaceful life for people on the earth, Ado goes through a series of adventures, encountering real characters from Tesla's life, traveling through his real spatial achievements, collecting his patents, memories of forgotten and invented inventions.

You can watch the movie trailer on this link:


The presentation will also present the activities of the Croatian media platform "Inspired by Tesla" by Helena Bulaja Madunić, who since September has been working on the preparations of the crosmetal exhibition and events inspired by Tesla through 2017 / 2018. and this way she wants to invite everyone interested to join us with her ideas. Applications in the form of a motivational letter to a single page, with the image attachment and the link to the online portfolio, can be sent to 25. June at -

The selected 10 will have the opportunity to present their ideas after the presentation of the project, and the best of them will enter into a small selection of creative team members for the development of the platform "Inspired by Tesla".

So prepare yourself for the 3 min pitch of your inspiration.