According to some analyzes, each third product is sold at promotion and at an active price, "said Assistant Director of Croatian Chamber of Commerce Sector Tomislav Ravlić.

He also says that consumers have become more rational and more vulnerable to the price that becomes crucial when making a purchase decision. "When purchasing water, we also count the price and quality ratio," explains Ravlić, who predicts retail growth during summer seasonal discounts.

Promotional labels are the most important channel of customer communication, and is being studied by 75% of customers. "About 76% of customers are planning to buy, 69% of their products are buying on the auction, and to make a purchase on average, almost three stores," Ravlić concludes.

Otherwise, in accordance with the Ordinance on conditions and manner of seasonal reduction, and in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, summer seasonal discounts begin with 1. July and will last for a maximum of 60 days. Within the seasonal discount, regular price and new discounted price are shown clearly, visibly and legibly. It is also important to emphasize that if no products were sold in the seasonal reduction period, the trader may proceed with the sale of the product at a reduced price until the stock expires.