The project we need - we do this House of Architecture Oris from Zagreb performs at this year's Venice Biennale Architecture.

Authors Dinko Peračić, Miranda Veljacic, Emina Višnić and Slaven Tolj present it a long-term work on the construction of contemporary culture and space that this culture needs. The focus is on the contentious reconstruction of three abandoned buildings that are located in three cities - a former factory of Unity at the Sava embankment in Zagreb which brings together POGON and a number of other organizations of independent culture and youth, H builds in the Benčić complex in Rijeka which is being prepared for Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Youth Center in Split.

Architectural work in these projects comes from within, from immersion into concrete social processes. It does not only stay in design, but finds different ways to make the space an active foundation that enables and promotes cultural and social processes.

The exhibition does not only show the role of architecture in the reconstruction of these buildings, but it brings together a lively cultural scene associated with these three locations. Numerous new artworks have been realized and involved a large number of participants who are otherwise creating in these areas. By exhibiting at the Biennale, architecture is re-affirmed as a means of building content with and for which it works.

On this occasion we will talk to the authors and present the book that is part of the project and contains elaborated architectural method of work on these projects and describes the cultural context within which it is created. The authors will discuss the usability of concepts themed with this project in current architectural practices.