The Croatian Heritage Foundation and the University of Zagreb will start 25. June 2016. its already traditional University of Croatian Language and Culture, held up to 22. July in Zagreb.

The official opening will be 27. June, Monday, at 9.00 lessons at the Rectorate of the University of Zagreb. On that occasion, students will say hello: Prof. dr. sc. Damir Boras, rector of the University of Zagreb; mr. Sc. Marin Knezović, Director of Croatian Heritage Foundation and Prof. dr. sc. Zrinka Jelaska, Director of the School.

The school is intended for young people of Croatian origin and all other students who want to get acquainted with Croatia, acquire or expand their knowledge of it, learn or perfect Croatian.

The academic program encompasses 120 school lessons, 105 hours of compulsory classes and 15 hours of additional classes (one lesson lasts for 45 minutes). Language teaching consists of separate grammar and lesson hours. Zthe development of the Croatian language is divided into three levels: initial, intermediate and advanced. Teaching will take place in the classrooms at the University of Zagreb building, the Office for International Cooperation at King Zvonimir 8 Street.

The program of Croatian culture and history is an integral part of the School organized by the Croatian Heritage Foundation. The program implies: academic and field lectures on Croatian culture and history; expertly guided visits to various museums, galleries, art exhibitions, theater performances and concerts, cultural and scientific institutions and meetings with renowned Croatian artists; study trips to the Croatian Zagorje and Plitvice Lakes, which are always beautifully accepted.

Students attending the exams will receive a diploma from the University of Zagreb, a certificate of enrollment and a certificate of 8 ECTS credits.

This year also confirmed that this professionally profiled program is recognizable in academia and other circles both in Croatia and abroad, since it has gathered 25 attendees from 9 European and overseas countries (Australia, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, USA, Hungary, Italy, Germany).

As in previous years, the School will be attended by four scholars coming from partner universities: the University of Toronto (Canada), the University of Udine (Italy), the Pontifical Universities Catolica de Chile (Chile) and Szechenyi Istvan University (Hungary).