One driver was killed and one was severely injured in the three truck crashes that occurred on the Drežnik viaduct on the A1 motorway at Karlovac on Tuesday night, and the traffic from the Karlovac lane to the Novigrad lane was almost cut off for almost eight hours.

The turnover of that stock was cut off from 23,40 hours, since the investigation lasted for a long time, and firefighters and roadblocks after removing three trucks had to remove a large number of backlogs and a clean oil roller to get around 9 hours in a safe way in the 192 Karlovac Center.

Despite the eyewitness, the cause of the accident will only be known after additional evidence, Hin said county lawyer Gordana Križanić.

For now it is known that three trucks, one Daruvar and two Slavonian-Scotland registrations collided, and the silence of the collision is being told that the two trucks are no longer in the car, and that firefighters to the body of the dead driver arrived only about four hours late.

From the primaries of Nedjeljk Strikić in the Karlovac hospital, the injured truck driver has suffered serious injuries but is out of the danger of life, with good recovery prognosis.

Traffic from the highway is directed through Karlovac via the state road D3, ie at Novigrad to Karlovac. Drivers are known as the "Old River Road".