After being admitted to the Committee on Environmental Protection, today at the plenary session of the European Parliament a debate on the civic initiative Water Law (Right2Water).

Although under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, a million signatures are needed to put a topic on the agenda of the Parliament, this initiative has caused a great public interest with an impressive number of 1.900.000 signatures.

Dubravka Šuica's representative participated in this debate, pointing out that water as a natural resource should remain a public good but also human right - which requires responsible management. It is therefore necessary to have legislation that will provide all EU citizens with the right to drink potable water.

Unfortunately, today's report has included a series of details that are unnecessary and do not belong to this report, given their ideological character.

"It is well known that Croatia occupies the third place in the ladder by the amount of water, and therefore I have consistently supported this initiative, because this is a unique opportunity for citizens to decide themselves about their rights. However, here, too, I stand for the principle of subsidiarity according to which Member States themselves decide on their public good, and not on their behalf, the European Commission and European legislation",said Sheik, adding that she will continue to monitor the development of this European civic initiative, as well as others that have since been launched.