City of Zagreb awarded 80 a thousand kuna for financial support for the Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival. By the decision of Mayor 14. June 2016. money will be awarded to LOT 28 studio doo

However, from the explanation it can be concluded that it is for the needs of the festival already donated 100 thousand this year and that the real amount of donation is 180 thousand.

"LOT 28 as organizer of the genre film festival Fantastic Zagreb opens film events at the Summer Theater of Tuškanac and is also the main event of the stage. Through the program of Public Needs in Culture of the City of Zagreb for 2016. year was assigned to them by the 100.000 kuna. Given the newly emerging circumstances of the resignation of the sponsor of the Fantastic Festival, the question was raised about the maintenance of the same, and thus the opening of the Summer Theater Tuškanac program, a request for additional co-financing was considered. Fantastic as the only Zagreb Summer Film Festival is also an important tourist event, "he says in his explanation.

The money for the same film festival was awarded at the end of May last year, but unlike this year's decision where the City gave all the money at a time, then the funding went through several mayors' a total of 39 thousand.