Knin Mayor Josip Rimac resigned on Wednesday to serve as a director of the HDZ election campaign to prepare for party preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

"I do not want to sit on two chairs, but I'm going to dedicate myself to the electoral campaign. I'm not someone who calculates. I am sure that the HDZ will get the elections and at this point I will be absolutely dedicating them, "said Rimac for Hino.

He noted that Deputy Mayor Nikola Blažević will be replaced by the mayor's office, and she will remain at the helm of the Knin HDZ.

He announced that next week he will set up a parliamentary oath in the Croatian Parliament, where he will replace the HDZ deputy and mayor of Preko Anti Jerolimov, who resigned after his State Attorney's Office filed an indictment against him before the Zadar Municipal Court for forgery documents.

Rimac reported on his resignation in the morning in the Knin City Hall, where he presented a report on his ten-year work from 2005. to 2015. year, pointing out that in the Mayor's mandate, the city infrastructure invested 1,2 billions of kunas.

He also expressed his conviction in the victory of the HDZ and the Domestic Coalition in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

He will resume last session of the Knin City Council on Thursday, after which he fully dedicates the party's pre-election work.