Photo: Mirko Jankovic

The most modern operating room in the world has been opened at Zagreb's Clinical Hospital Center Sestre milosrdnice. The unique EndoALPHA integrated operating room is a revolutionary solution in the field of world-wide surgery, and Croatian physicians have the privilege to work first on it, making Croatian medicine one of the top scales for providing the best quality surgical procedures in the world.

"This modern ophthalmic hall represents a significant professional and educational step for our institution; gives the operating team a better view of the operating area, making it simpler, safer and more accurate to adjust all operating instruments and virtually instantaneous availability of all relevant images and findings, making the opener more secure for patients. The ability to monitor the operation through a video link will significantly improve the education of young surgeons. " - said the head of the Clinical Hospital Center Sestre milosrdnice, Ph.D. Mario Zovak.

The EndoALPHA operating room with maximum comfort, ergonomics, functionality and simplicity represents revolutionary medical equipment management with a fully customizable system to meet the needs of users and individual interventions. The availability of all patient examinations directly in the hall, a much faster preparation of all devices for a single operation with just one touch of screen, safer diagnostics and detection during the procedure, possibility of monitoring the surgery in hospitals, and all other agreed locations anywhere in the world and numerous other extraordinary possibilities set a completely new standard of operation execution. This Clinical Center is one of the leading providers of medicine education, and this innovation will certainly improve this area of ​​action as well.

The most modern EndoALPHA operating room in the world was among the first to be seen by the Technical Minister of Health Dario Nakić, Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of Croatia for Health and Sport Tomislav Madžar, MD, Deputy Minister of Health Ivan Bekavac, renowned dermatologist and head of the City Health Office of the City of Zagreb Mirna Šitum, president of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, academician Zvonko Kusić and many other posters who, after opening themselves on the large lcd screen in the premises of the Sestre milosrdnice Clinical Hospital Center, had the chance to watch the operation whose course was commented and directed by KBC director Sestre Milosrdnice, Assistant Professor Mario Zovak.