"I urge the cyclists Union to be more partner to the City, but less to perform from the opposition position," Mayor Milan Bandic commented on the announcement of the journalist's announcement of a bicycle protest.

- As far as I know, they do not protest the City, but against the punishment by the police. As for the punishment of a kamikaze, I call it all the more traffic tolerance. Bicyclist are more concerned with pedestrians and drivers, pedestrians on drivers and cyclists, drivers on one another, said Bandic, stressing that traffic generally needs more tolerance.

"You have a situation on Green Valley where a man leaves a four-stroke car and goes to coffee. You also have pedestrians running across the fastest road in the city like Asafa Powel. To survive is pure coincidence. And you also have a bike driver on a wheel on Ilica on Saturday morning when there are 20 thousands of people there. A little more traffic culture would not be in the way of everyone - said the mayor.