The Zagreb City Assembly will hold on Thursday, 10. September, the first session after the summer break, there will be 20 points in the agenda, including General Ante Gotovina, an honorary citizen of Zagreb.

On the agenda are amendments to the decision on the adoption of the General Urban Planning Plan (GUP) Sesveta, and several points are related to the operations of the Zagreb Holding Company - 2014's work report. and the merger of the Zagreb Arena. There is also a proposal for a conclusion on the establishment of a list of business premises that are the subject of direct sale.

Municipal representatives will also decide on the award of the Luka Ritz Prize - Violence is not courage Ljubici Marinčić, pupils of the Primary School Grigora Viteza and Dori Cesarec, students of the Prirodoslovenska škola Vladimira Preloga, and at the proposal of Milan Bandic, the mayor will be concluded a Charter on Co-operation and Friendship between the City of Zagreb and the City of Vukovar .

After the summer break, numerous questions of the city's representatives for Bandic and the City Administration and Holding are expected on the current watch, and the opposition has already criticized the GUP Sesveta and the work of the Zagreb Holding.

The Vice President of the Assembly and SDP's President Davor Bernardi criticized the proposed amendments to GUP's Sesvete because he thinks that the key problems of citizens regarding the legalization of real estate have not been solved. In addition, more than half a million square meters of green areas have been converted into building land. The Zagreb SDP claims that Holding's credit rating has increased due to donations from the City and not good business, and that City of Zagreb has bought real estate from Holding, while interest on the credits from the budget is paid by the citizens.

Also in the HDZ in Zagreb, the credit rating of the Zagreb Holding is "an illusion".

Andrija Mikulić, Vice President of the Assembly and President of the HDZ Zagreb emphasized that improved credit rating is nothing more than transferring ownership and facilitating the financial situation of Holding, and burdening and borrowing Zagreb. He also criticized the management of real estate because he was "without vision and strategy". As an example, he noted the former factory Gredelj, the Zagrepčanka complex and the apartments in Sopnica-Jelkovec, which made the taxpayers around two billion kunas.

Mayor Bandic said that the Holding instrument is in the hands of the mayor and city administration to provide the citizens with the highest quality services, at the lowest possible price. "I think we do this well," he said, denouncing the SDP and HDZ charges. Holding Managing Director Ana Stojic Deban said that the restructuration measures were still being implemented in Holding, and the head of the City Finance Office Slavko Kojić reminded that Holding's credit rating increased to B plus stable because he lost from the loser to the winner, reducing the number of employees , and subsidies of the City of Zagreb are less for 200 million kuna.

Bandic also commented on the criticisms of the SDP and the HDZ regarding the GUP Sesveta, asserting that it would enable citizens to legalize facilities and specify funds for public infrastructure objects.