- It is worth pointing out that this release is the largest historic issue of corporate bonds on the HR capital market with the largest institutional investors base.

I am grateful to all of my team who participated in this great business and support of the City of Zagreb. We are delighted that the Zagreb Holding's success will also be of great benefit to Zagreb's citizens, as we will develop new projects and investments for the benefit of our users, "Ana Stojić Deban, Managing Director of Zagrebačka Holding Company Ana Stojić Deban, told the successful closing of the Bond Subscription Book.

Her first big test passed better than she could expect.

Holding closed the book of enrollment yesterday, but the official details of repayment debts that Holding has in Holding and banks will only be able to speak on Tuesday.

As we inform informally, Holding has sought 1.8 billions of kunas and has over HRK 3 billion. This is a fantastic success and proof that the market has confidence in the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Holding. Holding will pay interest 3.875 percent.

With just over 0,80% of the overhead state, Zagreb is in front of other European metropolises that have around 1,4%.

Today, about $ 150 million of old bonds (fifty percent issued on the London Stock Exchange) will be redeemed today to reprogram this old debt that will be billed next year.

Encouraged by the great trust of institutions in the Zagreb Holding and the City of Zagreb, the Management Board decided on another pioneering move (which we continued to advocate in its texts).

Namely, bonds in the total amount of HRK 500 will soon be offered to citizens of the City of Zagreb so that they can also make more favorable interest rates on their savings royalties.