The City of Zagreb co-financed the concert of the Cure and the Tamburitza with the decision of Milan Bandic, held on the occasion of Mother's Day at the Concert Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski 8. May 2016.

Interestingly, the Mayor's decision to allocate 25 thousands of kuna from the city budget to the organizers, the Crafts for Media Mix, came full two months after the concert was held.

"The concert was conceived on the occasion of the Mother's Day as a concert by which a joyful tamburitza evening was organized in Zagreb, with women who contributed to the development of tamburitza music and the preservation of tradition and cultural heritage, and have never been together. These are: Vera Svoboda, Cecilija Rudić, Marija Pavković Snaša, Marta Nikolin, Viktorija Kulišić Đenka, Blanka Došen, Vlatka Kopić Tena, Sanja Hajduković Živković and the only Croatian women's tamburica composers of Garavas and Cure from the Center and Teacher, says the official explanation .

The Media Mix service craft was founded in April 2015. and from Mayor's archives, it can be concluded that this is the first time that the City of Zagreb allocated money to them.