After Nina Badrić inaugurated the Summer event at Zrinjevac, and in this way made us aware that the organizers really prepared the biggest names of the Croatian music scene for Pop up concerts of surprises, this Saturday, 16. July in 21: 00h, the popular band Pavel is coming to Zagreb's most beautiful park!

The concert is free, and in case of rain the concert will not be held!

Pavel's work on the third album begins with 2013. In December of the same year, as the announcement of the singles, he plays the song "Beware me", where Antonia Matković, a new member of the band, assumes vocal duties.

The song has been at the forefront of almost all radio newspapers for weeks and is regularly in the top of the national list of the most poeted songs of the Croatian Music Institute, of which it was twice the most excited song in Croatia and is on the good track to become the most listening song of the group. The song was nominally nominated for the Porin 2014 Award. in the categories: Song of the Year and Best Arrangement, and Aljoša Šerić wins it Porin in the category Best Arrangement. "Beware me" also wins the award as the most eminent song of the Zagreb 2014 Festival. years.

Pavel's latest album "And We're on the Row" was nominated for even the 4 categories for the Porin 2015 Discography Award, among other things in two of the most important categories: Album Year and Song of the Year, and Best Pop Album of the Year. Singl "After Us", full of 4 months was the most singled single in Croatia on the official list of ZAMP, and for the mentioned single on "Porin 2016." Pavel was nominated three times, including the most prestigious nomination for Song of the Year.

With Aljoš Šerić, the band are Antonia Matković Šerić (vocals), Jurica Hotko (piano, keyboards), Saša Jungić (guitar), Jakov Kolega (bass guitar), Dean Melki (violin), Jerko Jurin (drum) and Stipe B. Mađor (trumpet).