Independent MP and former Finance Minister Slavko Linić confirmed on Wednesday that he received a document that shows that the National Police Office for the Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime (PN USKOK) conducted an investigation over him, his family members and friends in the summer of last year, which is interpreted as "evidence of an organized action against Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić".

Linić explained that it was an official document from August 2014. which proves that Chief of PN USKOK Mario Bertina led the investigation over him, his wife Ksenia and her daughters from her first marriage to Mother Cule and Linić's friends Ivan Franolić and Veljko Knežević.

PN USKOK then asked Linić, from the Money Laundering Office, to check the application for which Maji Cule in the US baged a million dollars.

Linić does not know who filed that application, but points out that "the insolvency of the Money Laundering Office is asking for the transaction to be verified and at the same time claiming that the money was put into the bag." He said that on the basis of such an application, "on the basis of nothing", the police initiated international co-operation, so they interviewed Maju Cule in the United States.

He added that the police also checked at the same time that he had bought a villa in Switzerland with Franolić and Knezevic, who was linked to the Rijeka market. He also claims that the police illegally used the interceptors who followed him and his friends outside the freeway, which he says testifies to an official report on the use of interceptors on the grounds that some shifts have been conducted in the police several months ago.

If he was illegally accompanied by Linić, he has argued for more than a divorce with Zoran Milanovic, after which he was expelled from SDP in early June last year. He reported his doubts to the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Policy and National Security, which was, in July, the 2014. his allegations were declared unfounded.

Linić has announced that he will, on the basis of a document that came to the public on Wednesday, request that the Panel re-investigate his case.

"The committee rejected my petition without any investigation, based on police statements, and now it is seen that they are lying and are a victim of persecution," said Linić Hini, adding that he would ask that parliamentary body to answer "why they lie and cheat and how is it possible that the Committee does not have any control mechanisms over the work of the police ".

He was particularly impressed by the family's involvement in the whole story. "How great can be the madness of people who work to their own political advantage as a family," Linic asks.