In the case of a child whose parents refused treatment of non-Hodkyn's lymphoma with chemotherapy ultimately leading to his death, the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth reported on Wednesday that the Center for Social Welfare Krk acted very promptly in accordance with the powers and provisions of the Social Welfare Act care, and in the Ministry of Health state that in view of the fact that "it is obviously a surrogacy that constitutes a criminal offense, the ministry is not competent to deal with it.

"Survivorship is described in the Criminal Code and it is a criminal offense as well as sanctions if the criminal offense is proven," the Health Ministry quotes in response to the Hin request.

He adds that the health inspection has the authority to control only the way healthcare is performed.

Alternative methods of treatment are not subject to the supervision of this Ministry, and if there is any knowledge of any form of superstitiousness, we always submit cases to the competent MUP and DORH, according to the Ministry of Health in its response.

The Ministry of Social Policy and Youth stated in their statement that the Center for Social Welfare urgently undertook a series of measures to protect the rights and welfare of the child immediately upon receipt of the notification by KBC Rijeka (8 August) that, contrary to the opinion and recommendation of the doctor, the parents decided the child to whom it was diagnosed Take non-Hodgin lymph from the hospital.

The center is already 11. conducted a field survey in Omišalj on August, where the boy's mother, who lives there, was acquainted with the provisions of the Family Law on the Rights of the Child on Health and Life Care, and the related duties of the parents, and a measure under Art. 109. Family law, or "warning of mistakes and omissions in child care and upbringing".

Then it's 13. August The Center at the Municipal Court in Rijeka initiated the procedure of deprivation of the right of parents to live with their child and to raise him, and a proposal for urgent adoption of a temporary measure by which the child would be entrusted to custody and upbringing at the "IB Mažuranić" Children's Home in Lovran.

On the same day, the Center placed a criminal charge against the child's parents at the Police Station of Krk.

A day later, the Center sent a proposal for deprivation of parental care to the Municipal Court in Rijeka and proposed urgently to impose a provisional measure authorizing the custodian for a special case to make a decision on a permit for treatment in the name and for the benefit of the child, medical institution.

Ten days after that, 24. August in Permanent Service of Delnice and Opatija. Since parents have submitted evidence to 1 for court. September have agreed on a review at the Avian Cancer Clinic in Italy, the court ordered them within 15 days, up to 7. September provides evidence that further treatment and diagnostic treatment of the child has been carried out in an appropriate healthcare facility.

The Social Welfare Center in Krk was received by 3. September letter from KBC Rijeka informing him that from the Clinic in Avian that his father brought the child to the exam at the agreed time, but he also refused to continue the treatment.

The Center, on the same day, gives the courts in Delnice and Opatija a submission requesting that decisions be made immediately, regardless of the deadline for parents, according to the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth.

The County State Attorney's Office in Rijeka reported that she was conducting investigations into the death of nine-year-olds whose parents refused hospital treatment on the basis of the received criminal report of the Police Administration. The boy died 5. September