In the futsal they played the eighth finals of the men's tournament. All three Croatian representatives were present, and Vern and the University of Zagreb secured the fourth quarter. Both teams have scored convincing victories. VERN was better than a fellow from Israel with 3: 0, while the University of Zagreb with 7: 2 overcame Czech Ostrava.

The Croatian representatives will now find themselves in today's mutual duel that is scheduled today at 20: 00 hours at the Martinovka Hall. The University of Split as the third Croatian representative was less fortunate and after the defeat of the Portuguese Coimbra University finished the medal fight.

This is the fourth quarter of the match in women's competition. Of the Croatian representatives in the medal fight, the University of Zagreb remained. The match is scheduled in 18: 00 Hours at the Sutinska vrela Hall, and the place for the top four teams will be held at Portuguese University Minho.


Today they start quarterfinals with the University of Zagreb in both competitions.

VolleyballThe first will be on the field already at 9: 30 in the morning at Trnsko Hall, a male team at the University of Zagreb and against a colleague from Serbia, the University of Niš.

At the same time there will be a women's show at the University of Zagreb, and students will be on their way to the medal at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. The matches will be held in Bojan Stranic's Hall in Mladost.


From today's competition, students of athletes go to the table tennis table. They will, along with the swimmers of athletes, be representatives of their universities and compete in parallel with all their colleagues, with the European University Games in Croatia special.
The competitions will be held in Hall III in Zagreb's Doma Sportova, where yesterday's competition ended. The women's team at the University of Zagreb won the bronze medal. From today on, there is an individual competition in men's and women's competitions.


Starting today, there are competitions in another sport. At the Fothia Hall at Zagreb Fair, the start of the competition was finally welcomed by athletes in a sport that is relatively unknown to the wider audience. In this sport, 17 teams will compete, and Croatia will represent universities from Split, Rijeka, Zagreb and representatives of Algebra.
Today they are on schedule and competitions in beach volleyball where they are in line of play, golf and bridge competition.

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