Zlatko Ivančok

In the Green Gold Club in Zagreb, eight super-finalists fought for the prestigious Title of the Year of the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County 2016, but only one girl was nominated the most beautiful one.

Young New Yorker Doris Arbanas met high standards of sturgeon shield, which consisted of Mrs. Melita Hanžek, owner of the Licensed Person for the Year of Zagreb, 2016, Ms. Matija Mandić, Executive Director of White Flag International, Tonija Kačinarija, a young Zagreb entrepreneur, Dr. Duje Ostojic, a renowned plastic surgeon and mrs. Elizabete Antolek, PR Manager of the Green Gold Club.

In addition to the beautiful Doris, the title of the first companion of the face of the year of Zagreb and the Zagreb County 2016 was won by beautiful Anđela Šimac.

Nika Rakić was proclaimed as the second person of the year of Zagreb and Zagreb County, while young Martina Djakovic was nominated as a photojournalist of the Year of the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County.

The girls presented themselves in the wonderful unique day, business and evening creations of the Ellera Fashion Study under the artistic direction of Mrs. Željka Vidović.

In addition to gorgeous dresses, the girls have also presented exclusively the new leather collection of Galko leather bags for autumn / winter 2016 / 2017.

Through this glamorous program we were led by Lidija Benjak and Zlatan Zuhrić Zuhra, and we were entertained by the poor singer Nataša Moskwa and Goran.