The Zagreb City Assembly on Thursday started a heated debate about fixing the agenda, when the head of the City Finance Office Slavko Kojić requested that the municipal debt be charged to the City of 190 million for communal infrastructure and the HDZ-HSP AS-BUZ asked for a break.

HDZ dissatisfied with indebtedness without explanation

"We are looking for a break because we want to explain this in more detail. History has taught us that every indebtedness for six years explains that for communal infrastructure projects, but their implementation is smaller every year, "Vice President Andrija Mikulić (HDZ) said, and after Kojić's explanation, MPs supported the debt.

Disappointed and SDP

Davor Bernardić (SDP) deputy chairman, including the proposal to amend the decision on accepting the founding rights over the institution for the management of sports facilities in the City of Zagreb, was disappointed, most of which was dismissed by the Social Democratic Party (SDP) from the agenda.

"The Svetice camp, 80.000 squares, we donated to the Croatian Football Association. We do not know when construction begins there, what will be there, which will be a public interest for Zagreb's citizens, and now it is going to be part of the 10.000 squares of tennis centers, which 'accumulate a loss or expense,' Bernardi told reporters.

If the tennis centers are unprofitable, does it mean that they are not managed by them, he asked and said that "we should not get into the situation to destroy it first, then we'll give it to a rescuer to save it."

Bernaradic points out that the City of Zagreb has to protect its most valuable venues, sports and other, its squares, announcing that SDP's city councilors will therefore propose drawing maps of the most valuable city areas, modeled on London, which will protect and refine the most valuable urban areas.

He also points out that before the item is put on the agenda, it is necessary to analyze and propose a new model of governance before objects are removed from the composition of the City.

"We must jump first and say hop. It can not all be remembered, blindly. You know how the story about the separation of a branch of the Zagreb Holding - investor ended, that is, the creditor said 'no'. So when something is done without analysis and without plan, it usually fails. We want the city to function and find the best solutions, not to seek solutions from the Assembly to the Assembly, and it is always urgent, "Bernardic said.